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The Latest Version of TYPO3

New and Powerful Features in TYPO3 4.2

The developers who rebuilt TYPO3 Version 4.2 concentrated on improving usability, functionality and performance for the end user through efforts, such as, the "Cleaner Backend Project". This TYPO3 upgrade has nearly 650 enhancements; it requires at least PHP 5.2.0 to run. PHP 5.2.0 has numerous security enhancements including better caching, fixed overflow problems and better safe_mode usage.

Improved functionality has been added with a new toolbar including the following features: logout button, logged in user display, workspace selection box, "cache clearing" menu, shortcut menu and search field.

A new editor toolbar collects dispersed tools from the top and bottom edges of the Web page, and attaches them onto a new toolbar which remains on top of the form as users scroll through the page.

The navigation tree has convenient "configure" and "disable" functions for easier viewing of levels. A search box allows for "highlighting" or "dimming" hidden tree elements.

Other Features Include:

  • The Page Editing module has been divided into tabs for better management.
  • The Mode Display setting of "Copy" or "Move" has been added to the clipboard.
  • Help features for "Content Sensitive Help" are displayed when your mouse pointer hovers over an item.
  • The page type drop-down menus are organized by category.
  • Page trees are either collapsible or expandable.
  • The graphical user interface (GUI) has an improved "skin" appearance.
  • Tobias Liebig has added the "t3editor" which enables highlighting Typoscript code in the Web Template module.
  • There is an updated "rich text editor" (RTE) supporting Apple's Safari browser and a new plug-in application programming interface (API).

TYPO3 has gained a reputation for being quite complex for setup by Web administrators. Some training might be needed for more advanced features. It has so many potent functions that it is sometimes difficult to focus and concentrate on necessities. Once administrators properly "setup" TYPO3, it is a great product for authors editing content.

TYPO3's extensive capabilities have been expanded even more in the latest TYPO3 CMS Version 4.2, leading to its usage by even more important decision making leaders. This TYPO3 CMS can be used as a central control unit to organize other applications and software around it.